Christmas Surprise
Rachel is one of those people that love holidays. She loves all of them, but especially Christmas. She sees this holiday as a perfect opportunity for the family to gather together and spend quality time. Rachel is a very creative person, and she always figures out interesting ways to spend the holidays. Every year, during the Christmas holidays, Rachel makes surprises for her children. Her children love this tradition and really enjoy it, but this year, they got an idea to surprise their mom. They like to make her a surprise that will be interesting, and the whole family will have fun. Rachel\s children got presents for Christmas, they wrapped the presents nicely and hide them all around their home, on their property. Rachel needs to find those presents, so let\s help her. Let\s search the whole property together with her and see where are the presents hidden. Also, let\s find out what Rachel\s children decided to buy as a present for their loving mum. This game can be a nice inspiration for you too, so let\s start it.