Detective in a Fur Coat
Kathy really loves animals. In her case it is not about some temporary trend that appeared now and will disappear in a year or two. She loves them since she knows about herself, sometimes appreciating them even more than people. She knows how to communicate with them really well and thats why she is very happy when she is surrounded by them. This girl has her own pets – a German Sheppard named Don and a cat named Oscar. For many people this could sound as a silly combination since cats and dogs usually dont agree that much. Most of the times they are in fight, chasing each other all around. However, Don and Oscar get together really well. Actually they are friends that dont like to be separated under any circumstances. But this morning something unexpected has happen. This morning Oscar has disappeared and Kathy doesnt have a clue what is going on. Together with Don, Kathy starts her search for Oscar. The cat is usually very calm and doesnt go anywhere without Kathy which makes Kathy rather concerned. Maybe someone has stolen her cat? They dont have any time to waste so they will visit every possible place where the cat could be. Since this is very important for Kathy, lets help her find her beloved pet. Besides Kathy, Don is also very sad because her best friend is not around. Lets search everywhere and find the cat before it is too late.