Echoing Streets
Despite all the efforts of the police, there are always criminal gangs that do not give up their illegal activities, eager to earn money dishonestly. Some of them operate locally, in small settlements and towns, while some extend their illegal business across borders, which makes it even more difficult for the police to track them down. Detective Janet is on the trail of the Crows gang. It is about a well-known gang that has been operating for a long time, but no one has yet managed to catch its members. The good thing is that Janet has Adam by her side, who is a former member of the gang and knows how things work there. They\re on a mission to uncover evidence of the gang\s illegal dealings, and since Adam knows these things, they believe they\re on the right track. Adam is here to help, and Janet wants to end this gang\s illegal business altogether.Let\s see how Janet and Adam\s investigation goes and help them complete this mission successfully.