Ghost Hour
Michelle, Tyler, and Janet live on the same property for a few years already. They love the place where they live, and their neighborhood in general, but still, there is one very mysterious property next to their property, everybody knows that this property is abandoned, but you can hear some voices coming from there. Besides the voices, some silhouettes can be noticed there. Those silhouettes are moving in the late hours at the property, but still, people know that no one actually lives there. And when people noticed those strange happenings, they started wondering what is going on there. Are those people and voices real? Are there some criminals who dare to enter someone else\s place and act like everything is ok, or maybe, the property has a new owner and no one knows about them? The options are many and there is one option as well, that no one likes to believe in. What about those voices and silhouettes belonging to some paranormal creatures?Michelle, Tyler, and Janet decide that it is time to check out what is going on in the neighboring property.