Great Deliverance
The detectives Charles and Karen, together with the police officer Amanda, arrive at one place that is believed to be very important for solving their case. Namely, it is assumed that there can be found the key pieces of evidence that will prove that their colleague is innocent. They believe that he has been set by the mafia and is stuck in prison, even though he did not commit the crime. Now he can\t leave the prison without any proof that will tell the opposite. The detectives and the police officer are hoping that they will manage to bring freedom to their colleague and that the justice will see the light of the day. We also hope that this honest man will find justice but it seems that they will need some help from us. Let\s work together with them and try everything that is needed to prove that their colleague didn\t do anything wrong. Maybe this will mean that we will have to confront the mafia, but that\s why are here our friends Charles, Karen, and Amanda, keep our backs safe.