Legend Unveiled
All kingdoms are wrapped in mystery. The very fact that royal life is different from the life of ordinary people makes people invent stories, assuming what happens in the palaces and among the members of the royal families. Sometimes, the little things that spill out of the borders of the palace turn into stories that don\t have to be true but circulate between people over the years. Helen is on the verge of uncovering the truth about the biggest legend in the kingdom, and that is about the lost gold coins that belonged to the king\s father. These gold coins have been searched for years, and there are many reports about where these gold coins could be. Helen is sure that the gold and the valuable objects that she has been looking for for several years are hidden in the yard of the king\s sister\s house. She is determined to find these gold coins and begins her mission. Let\s join Helen and search together with her for the lost gold coins and find out if the whole legend that has been circulating in the kingdom for a long time is true or not.