Market Quest
Andrea has a grandfather who is a farmer, and she has always been fascinated by his work, despite never being directly involved in it. It is a real pleasure for her to spend time on the farm and watch her grandfather, Farmer Bob, take care of the animals and other stuff at the farm, and sometimes help him if needed.Today Andrea\s grandfather gave her a small task. Farmer Bob sent his granddaughter to buy products from the farmer\s market. For experienced farmers, this may be an everyday and easy task, but for someone like Andrea, this is a big task and a real experience. The grandfather is aware of this and knows that he cannot leave her just like that. On the other hand, he wants to teach her and prepare her for the task. For this purpose, Farmer Bob has prepared several puzzles for Andrea that will help her find the products she needs. By solving these puzzles correctly, she will complete the given task very easily, even though this is her first time going to the farmers market. Let\s see how Andrea will cope with her task.