Midnight Train
This interesting game will bring us back to certain times that have passed many years ago. We werent witnesses of those happenings but we have surely learned a lot about them, saw movies or so. More concretely the action of the game is located in the period of the Second World War, in one of the most famous trains in that time. Maybe you are wondering what could make a train famous?! In those trains were traveling the German officers very often and that meant a lot in that time... Nancy Grace is the main character of our game. She is a private detective, or lets open the cards and be honest. She is not a private detective but a spy that works for the American government. She is on an undercover mission on the train. Her job is to infiltrate between the German officers and steal important documents from them. Those documents could be used for stopping the progress of the German army. No matter if you are into spy stories or not, this game will be very interesting. It positions us in one very interesting surrounding and tells us very unusual story. Lets help this spy finish her mission and help Nancy get to the required documents as soon as possible.