Missing Pearls
Diamonds are girls best friends - might Marylyn Monroe said but for our Sharon, the pearls are something precious! This girl loves jewelry and she has so many interesting pieces in her home. Those jewelry pieces are divided into few categories, depending on the occasion when will she wear them. As a result there are pieces for everyday use that she wears when she goes to work, pieces for going on regular walks but also she has very valuable pieces of jewelry, reserved for special occasions. This night Sharon should go on a cocktail party, organized by the company where she works. This will be a very official party, followed by a specific protocol so she has to look nice for that occasion. Sharon loves pearl necklaces that she wears only on special occasions but this morning has happen something completely unexpected while he was trying her favorite pearl necklace. She tore down the necklace and the pearls spread all over the apartment. Sharon was little bit disappointed by what has happen to her because it was her most beloved necklace but very soon she managed to find most of them. However, there are 6 more pears that miss because they are too small and she couldnt see them. Thats why Sharon decides to clean the apartment with aim to find the pearls. This will be a serious task but she has to do it.