Mystical Castle
The legends about eternal life or eternal youth are always present in our everyday reality. Sometimes it was about a potion that will make us immortal, maybe a lucky charm that will give us power; today numerous commercials offer us different products that will make us younger, more powerful, or even happier... Even though the essence is something completely different.Following the myth about longevity and huge power, Vitoria gets to one strange castle. It is about a mystical castle, and the legend says that here she can find the magic potion that will give her long life and power. Vitoria believes in that legend. She is moved by the idea of immortality, and she also believes that the magic potion is hidden somewhere in this castle. Let\s find out, together with Victoria, if the legend is true or not. If it\s true, Victoria is about to get to something really big and very significant; something that could change the flow of life as we know it today. We will see the mystical castle and find out what hides there.