Polar Accident
Harold\s best friend is a person who loves adventures. Harold was always amazed by his friend\s incredible urge to travel and look for some strange unknown places and things. A few days ago, for example, Harold\s friend went to the Antarctic. The reason for this visit might sound unbelievable for some of us, but for Harold\s friend was a good motive to start such a trip. This man went there to look for a certain mysterious treasure that was supposedly hidden here, since World War II. However, after he arrives in the Antarctic, every trace of him is lost. Harold doesn\t know what has happened to his friend or if he is in a good condition, is he still alive?! That\s why he decides to go with his boat to the Antarctic, to look for his friend. Harold arrives in the Antarctic and something that makes him worried even more is the fact that the boat is found broken in the rocks. What happened to Harold\s friend? What is the reason for this polar accident? Those are questions that Harold believes will be answered very soon.