The Missing Artifacts
Maria and Frank are one of the most experienced and most skilled detectives in the town. There has been a robbery at the museum, someone has entered into the museum by force but rather skillfully, so they are called by the director of this institution to find out something more about the criminals and their criminal act. More precisely, the director calls them because there are many valuable artifacts missing from the museum. The two detectives arrive at the museum and they start their investigation right away. From their own experience, Maria and Frank know that this wont be an easy case. Actually when it comes to museum robberies, only the experienced criminals decide to go on that kind of a step. Finding the ones that are guilty for this robbery wont be easy at all, but those two detectives will do their best to find them because the stolen artifacts are really valuable. And when it comes to artifacts, it is not always about their value expressed in money, but they also have a certain cultural and historical value that is also very important. Even though it is about real professionals that know their job really well, Maria and Frank could always use some help for this case. Be that kind and help them collect all the evidences that will solve the case and lead them to the ones that are responsible for the case.