Timeless Manor
There is one specific place known as the Timeless Manor. You are probably wondering what is special about that manor, right? Well, while we are all struggling with time (to get everywhere on time, to achieve everything, to stay young, and so.), time doesn\t play any role in this place. The Timeless Manor is kept by the two keepers, Ruth and Gregory, who come there from time to time to check if everything is fine in the manor. Ruth and Gregory are at the manor right now. They are here to fulfil their duty - to see whether it is sufficiently protected and whether someone may have entered inside. The manor was protected well all these years, but maybe someone found out about it and wanted to see what is actually going on there. It is a chance for us to visit the Timeless Manor and find out what it means, the time to have no means. It will also be a new discovery for us, that is for sure, since time plays a huge role in our lives, organizing them in every segment. Let\s start our journey!