Tracing the Enigma
Disappearance cases are always very difficult. Sometimes the case not to be so difficult for someone to solve, but it can be really difficult for those who are affected by this case, for those whose friends or relatives have disappeared. Sometimes it can be days of heavy agony that lasts until the moment when the disappeared person returns home, alive and well.And while some cases are solved, some cases remain open for years, even forever. Alek is intrigued by the mysterious case that happened in his town 15 years ago. Namely, the resident of his city is reported as missing and still has not been found. At the end of the city, there is a mysterious house, and the missing man was last seen in the house that is located at the end of the city, which is now abandoned. Alec loves mysteries, but he feels a strong urge to find out what happened to that man. He wants to solve this mysterious case once and for all.In such cases, help is always welcome, so let\s help Alek get to the truth, and find the missing person.