Wicked Test
Amber and her good friend Lori are about to face the scariest challenge in their lives. The two of them arrive at the scariest valley, the place where the evilest ghosts live. The property of Amber\s grandfather is located in this valley, and since those ghosts came here, only bad things happen there. That\s why Amber has decided to do whatever it needs to drive the ghosts away from here. But the ghosts feel very comfortable in the valley, and they don\t like to leave just like that. They have prepared a dangerous test for the two girls. If the girls pass the test, the ghosts will leave the valley, and Amber\s grandfather\s property, but if they don\t solve the test, the ghosts will keep them captured in the valley, till the end of their lives. This is something that sounds extremely frightening to the two girls but they surely believe in themselves so they are prepared to take the challenge and face the ghosts.Let\s see together what is happening in the scary valley and do our best to help the girls solve the wicked test.