Campfire Tales

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The journey of Samuel and his friend has ended unexpectedly, when their vehicle has broke down in the dense forest, near the small lake. They wanted this trip to be unforgettable and they were preparing for the trip quite long. However, at this moment Samuel and his friend are rather desperate because they don't see any escape from this situation. They decide to spend the night in the forest because they don't see any other possible solution. Luckily, Samuel has a tent in his car so they position the tent on a place that seems best for them and make a campfire in order to warm themselves. Samuel goes in a search for dry woods, but when he comes back to the place, he realizes that his friend is not there. Samuel feels that something is wrong with this place because it is not logical his friend to leave just like that. Maybe something wrong has happened... Samuel starts searching for his friend, hoping that everything will be just fine. Since Samuel is in a delicate situation, let's help him find his friend. Only together they could fix their vehicle and come back home safely. It is such a pity that this wonderful journey has turned into something completely unexpected.



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