Family Drama

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It was a terrible thing that happened in Heather's family 20 years ago. Everyone was left frantic after Heather's sister suddenly disappeared. They started a serious investigation, looking for the young girl everywhere but it seemed that all efforts were meaningless since there wasn't a single trace that could lead them to a certain answer of the whole situation. That's why the police and the authorities kept the case as open but they actually gave up from it.

Heather's family is desperate all those years but they hope that one day things will change and they will see their other daughter once again. Heather on the other hand, has some strange intuition that tells her that her sister could be still alive. However, she also didn't find any reliable trace about that, or at least until now where things started moving on all of a sudden.

Heather arrives in one small city in the south part of the land. The reason for her being there is the anonymous telephone call that got last night. According that call, the answer of her big dilemma lies exactly here. Heather is looking for her younger sister for so many years. The young girl was kidnapped and from then on, no one knows anything about her. Heather didn't like to quit all those years and even after 20 years she is prepared to take a detailed investigation, hoping that this time the mystery will be solved once for all. And since this is a rather complicated case, this game will last longer than usual. You will meet many different characters but also a bonus game, Mahjong. Enjoy!



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