Ghost Train

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Every human being has some rituals that he or she makes and enjoys it. Some want to travel around the world, some enjoy drinking coffee in their house garden, someone else would choose to play around with children. We enjoy the comfort of doing these things regularly, with some periodicity and when something all of the sudden ruins that habit or influences badly, we simply don't feel well. It is the case with Martha, the lady who loves nature and loves the night walks.

Each evening Martha organizes one hour walk in the environment of her house. She adores the promenades next to the devastated railroad but this evening something extremely strange happens. For the first time that the railroad is closed, Martha notices a train. She is curious and wants to explore the train.

But, this is not just an ordinary train. In a short time she realizes that the train actually is a ghost train. Here you come on board, our dear player. Help this lady bring back her peace again and go back to her beloved walking habit.



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