The Goddess of Wisdom

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Posing riddles is the thing of wise people. To think of intelligent riddle is not a small thing, because the answer is not easy. But, if your life is in trouble, you would do the effort to answer them, no matter what.The Egyptian mythology is so rich that you need one whole life to learn it, to explore that wisdom. If you thought that we are very smart today, you are wrong.We are smart because we have all the utilities needed, all the technologies that help us in every step and action we make.

Can you even imagine the assets an the tools they had to build all those monumental buildings that are strong and safe even today, millennia later. Egyptian mythology is rich with gods and myths. One very special goddess is our main character in today game. She loves her people, her hometown, but is in big trouble.

Egyptian woman Mabel meets Seshat, the Egyptian goddess of wisdom. Mabel can't go back to her village until she doesn't answer all the riddles that Seshat is going to pose to her. She needs our help. And you are here to help her. Put your adventurous shoes!



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