The Eternal Twilight

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For today we are here to fight the evil once again. Evil has the power to be everywhere. It has the power to put us in bad places, to give us temptations and to provoke troubles. And as human beings one of our most important mission should be exactly the fight against evil, that is to say, we need to use all the possible methods to safe the goodness in the world. And, no one says that that is an easy task to be done. It is not easy, but it surely is very important.

Put yourself in the shoes of our characters today. You are, let's say, agriculturalist who works hard to produce good products, healthy food. And you do anything needed to achieve that, but what if one day there is no light and your products simply go away?

Similar thing happens to Karen, Betty and Donna. They are three sisters who decide they should start the fight with evil that prevails over their property. For whole year they can't produce anything on their farm, because complete darkness reigns there and there is no more sunlight over there. They need to find all the needed objects so they will fight the evil.



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