Magicians Carnival

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Children love magic in every way. They adore watching movies with magic, imagining that those things could be real, putting themselves in the shoes of the positive characters. But, not only small children like this mystery. Everyone who wants to stay a child, will try to keep the naivety of children the best way possible, because very little time we are children and if we run for the idea to grow older the soon the possible, we are mistaking.For this weekend game, we are trying to offer you some magic.

Karen, Charles and Thomas are three magicians who arrive the magicians carnival. Few more hours and than their performance is on to go. Now they need to find the needed paraphernalia for their magicians' tricks. You our player come on board here and we are sure you would like to act like a magician.

And, who wouldn't want to be do so. Humans love superpower and dream of being eternal and live forever. Magicians make the world more magical place to be. That's why, we are sure that a good party is waiting for you in today magical carnival. Enjoy the game and the magic!



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