Bermuda Pyramid

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The Bermuda Triangle is a loosely-defined region, located in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean. This place is also known as the Devil's Triangle, because it is an area, where numerous aircraft and ships have vanished under mysterious circumstances. For so many years no one has managed to find out the truth about this place. People even relate those disappearing with paranormal or activity by outer space beings.

Emma is the niece of the famous German oceanographer, Dr. Meyer. Dr. Meyer was for the first time that near to revealing the mystery about the Bermuda triangle. Using sophisticated apparatus, the doctor has discovered that in a depth of 2000 meters there is a crystal pyramid. It seems that exactly this pyramid is responsible for all mysterious plane and boats disappearing in those surroundings. This would be a huge discovering so Dr. Meyer feels very excited about it. However, it seems that certain things are not supposed to be revealed. Perhaps this discovery was already known but someone didn't like the truth to be revealed. Actually, Dr. Meyer's investigations were interrupted by the American government; someone doesn't like some things to become public...

Dr. Meyer's niece on the other hand has decided to continue the investigation and finish it once for all. Emma likes to follow her grandfather's steps and prove that deep in the depth of the Bermuda triangle, there is a crystal pyramid, made by a human. It's all logical and it is not a work of paranormal or alien creatures... This couldn't be something that has happen by chance, so let's help Emma prove that she is on her way to a huge discovery that will affect the human history.



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