Beyond the Dark Woods

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Just a perfect day for a little mystery and scary game. Maybe you are not a person who believes in witches practicing their magic, but this is a game of hidden items and riddles as well. Our player today accidentally strayed off road and ended up in the dark woods. Walking into the woods at night can be scary and few dare to venture in.

Walking through the woods he arrives at the one property. A scary evil witch wearing a black dress is living in the dark woods. Her name is Olivia, known for her traps and magic cast on people who will find themselves on her property. Our player is trapped on her property. You can never be sure what to expect from her. He says the witch living in the house has a ball and a caldron.

Olivia will not let our player leave from here until he does something in return. Our player has to find all of her lost items, and answers the that Olivia struggles to answer for years if he wants to leave her property. He asks you for help. This proves more difficult than it first sounds. Can you help him answer them right and escape?



Hidden Objects Mystery Scary