Book of Wonders

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Kids have different aspirations, dream about different things and enjoy in different things. It goes the same when it is about books. While on other hand we have kids that can't spend a minute over a book. Not just school kids but smaller kids that can't stand listening stories or songs. On the other hand we have kids like Roy who is impressed by stories and fairy tales and believes in fairies and magic potions. He felt in love with stories when he was very, very young, while his mother was reading him stories before going to bed and now when he knows to read, he spends a lot of time dreaming about the strange things that could happen only in the fairy tales.

Roy stays at his grandmother that lives in the village. His grandmother is little bit sick so he is here to help her in her everyday responsibilities. While searching around the house, Roy has found one old book of stories. Since this book was completely new for him, he didn't know a single story from those included in the book, Roy started reading it right away...

But this book wasn't like all the other books he had read! Once he started reading, those amazing illustrations from the book started becoming alive! Roy immediately got an idea! He believes that if he manages to enter into the book and into the world of the fairies, he will manage to find magical objects that will help his grandmother heal faster.



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