Flooded Memories

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Life is not always simple and sometimes we could not predict what will happen or we simply can't do anything about it. No matters how hard we try, it seems that there are forces much powerful than us that direct us in certain direction. We may like to do something but those forces push us in other direction. Sometimes we could float to the surface but sometimes we could be 'flooded' by life...

We are not sure where do lost souls go. We are talking about late persons whose spirits have not settle down so they stay around us, hopping that they will finish their unfinished business, even though they are actually dead. Often they disturb living people, make some troubles around, just to attract someone's attention so he could help them finish their job.

Heather lived before in the village named Chester village. This village, because of a construction of an artificial lake, was flooded on purpose. There are 10 years since the lake was flooded, but the sudden passengers and the people who work on the dam, hear strange voices, coming from the lake. Heather believes that those voices are from the late people who lived in the village. They are upset because no one gives them respect. Heather likes to change the things for better so she comes at the village with one single aim – to settle down the passions of the disturbed souls. Let's help her help those people in their mission to calm their souls.



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