Hidden Lake

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Some people love adventures and mysteries. Other are keen to reality more and don't even try to find some miracle in other things. Admiring mysteries means entering the space and time of the unknown, searching for answers, looking for new things. People who go search for adventures know how to find them. Such curious lady we find in today game.

Emily isn't obsessed with these mysteries that much. Completely by accident, looking through the internet maps, Emily notices hidden lake that is only few hours drive from her home. She decides to follow the maps and to arrive to that hidden lake. Emily arrives by the lake and it is about time for the investigation to begin.A lot of world mysteries have attracted people to go for them, to look the answers, to fight the truth. But, can you imagine how happy a person will be to discover something that no one else has seen or go somewhere that no one else has been.

Try to put your self into the shoes of this lady and enjoy the investigative game. It will be fun, we promise you.



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