The Island Explorers

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Amanda and Carolyn are two sisters that really love traveling. Together they have visited so many exotic places and they really enjoy discovering new thins, meeting new people. They believe that their travels are the best experiences they have in their life, so they always have an idea where to travel next. This year Amanda and Carolyn, together with their friends, decided to spend the summer holidays on one island. This island is not one of those islands that are usually offered by the tourist agencies, but it is about something more exotic and not that familiar. As always Amanda and Carolyn are very excited and very happy about their new adventure and once they arrived on the island, they started exploring it right away. They like to discover all beautiful places on this island and their thrill is rather big. According to the first sights they have seem, the sisters believe that this is one of the best places they have ever visited and like to see every detail from it. Since it is about an unusual place that hides numerous beauties, we hope that you will enjoy it as well. Moreover, this is rather unique opportunity to see something like this and enjoy the wonderful sights in the company of the two sisters who definitely know what to select for their next adventure.



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