The Legend of Bellshill

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There are people that like to stay home. They feel most safely to take care of things in their home, to prepare dinners for their beloved ones and similar things. However, there are other people who like completely opposite things like adventure and uncertainty. They are prepared to fly miles and miles just to get to some particular place, someone has told them about. They spend all of their savings on new trips and that is something they enjoy most, without thinking of the material things they could have bought with that money...

Tom is a person that is always willing to see something new. He has visited many places all around the world and his next destination is Scotland. Tom has heard many stories about Scotland, about its beauties and history. However, he doesn't believe in those stories. He is little bit sceptic and he considers that they are just stories invented by someone, in order to attract more tourists and gain more money for the state and the people who live there.

Those stories are actually rather scary stories and they are not something we hear every day. That's why Tome is assured that they are a simple invention. However, when will Tom visit the place, very soon he will feel the spooky atmosphere there. He will face many scary event, so he would believe that there is something more than stories in everything happening there.



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