Cowboys Journey

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Being actor is one of the most exciting jobs ever. At least it looks that way. For ordinary people who are far from this industry, we believe that being an actor is the best profession in the world. They are the people who love entertainment, gatherings, mingling around or at least we find it that way. A lot of actors and actresses actually love silence and staying away from crowds and cameras and paparazzi. Imagine your life is being watched all the time, what would it look like? You would hate it, we are sure.

On the other hand, an actor has the freedom to choose to work few months an year and than take a break. That is not the 9 to 5 profession that we all hate a bit. But, glory has to pay the prize. Sometimes simple things are what these people actually need more than anything in the world, more then all the parties and red carpets.

According to our intro, you can guess that the heroes of our day are actors. Their names are Billy and Annie. Their newest movie is titled 'Cowboys' Journey'. They have just arrived at the shooting and now are getting ready to start. Their assistant Alice helps them get ready. Her job is to take care of the actors and to arrange their space around.



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