Cursed Wishes

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The Stein village was a wonderful place. Perhaps moving from village to a city is something typical for modern days but not from this village. Few years ago this village was one of the most beautiful villages in the world. The people that live in this village have never thought about moving from there because they had everything they want there. This village was also known by one well, a well for wishes. People from this village and abroad had this well as something sacred, a place that keeps their hopes, or at least a place that has kept their hopes until now...
Everything has changed in the Stein village, one day when the well stopped listening people's wishes. They throw coins and coins, but it seemed as the well has become deaf. Actually it stated cursing people's wishes. Everything they wished was fulfilled but in the opposite way. Every good wish was replaced with its opposite and it was terrible! Everyone in the Stein village has become sad and depressed. The people that lived there didn't know what to do, what to expect from their life. There will be only bad days for them?!
Gertrude lives in Stein village. She, same as the other people that live there, is so tired from the evil that rules the place. She likes to put an end of everything, finally. However, this won't be that easy because she will have to find all right objects that will help her broke the terrible spell that is cast over the well.



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