Distant Voices

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No one knows how could result just a regular visit to our relatives. Usually everything is normal. We go to their home, visit them, see how they are doing – just those normal things that usually go smoothly. However, in Erica's situation it appeared that things are not always as we expect. Sometimes they work better but sometimes they could become rather complicated, even scary...

Erica has received a telephone call from her aunt. They haven't seen each other for a while and now the aunt is inviting Erica to come and visit her in her home. Erica's aunt lives in another city. Even though Erica hasn't seen anything bad in this city, it was always known as disreputable city. Always there were certain rumors spreading around this place. About certain scary events, about certain mysteries... This time Erica is part of one mystery. When she arrives at the small notorious city and comes to her aunt's house, Erica realizes that her aunt is not in the house! There is no one to explain her where her relative is or who has called her. It looks like her aunt has simply disappeared or maybe someone has kidnapped her?!

Let's help Erica deal with this situation , find her aunt and get away from those circumstances that become to appear rather scary and hard to be explained.



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