Downtown Robbery

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Police officers and detectives do a really good job; that is not something new to say. They risk their lives but they do that for the common good of the people around them, for the common good of the community. Brian is a famous detective, perhaps the most famous detective in the town that has solved numerous cases in his long career. He is that famous because he has solved almost every case he has worked on and cached numerous criminals, always being on time at the right place. that is because he is a really dedicated person that doesn't let anything to be missed.

The town where Brian lives and works is a rather peaceful place but on the other hand, there are many criminals that operate there. Last night the City Bank was robbed under really suspicious circumstances. Everything seemed very strange and that's why Brian was called at the place because everyone believes that only he could find out what was going on at the crime scene.

Detective Brian arrives at the bank and he starts his investigation. He looks around in order to see something that could be worth for the investigation and that could lead to some explanation of what was happening there. He likes to collect all the evidences first, everything that could be found at the place and then he will continue with investigating the stuff that works in the bank.



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