Druids Tale

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There is one village, hidden very deep in the forest. It is believed that this village is full of magic and the people who live there, known as Druids, were among the smartest people and the history. It was believed that they had a huge knowledge about different stuff but also their village hides one powerful object. It is about a sword, stuck in a large stone. No one has managed to take out this sword even thou many people have tried.
Fedelma lives in the village of the Druids. These people are actually set by the king as guardians of the great and powerful sword. In this moment Fedelma has the task to keep the sword from intruders, until the moment when a real hero will appear. Hero is wanted, a person that could take out the sword without any bigger effort. This village might be well hidden but however, there are so many enemies that know about the precious sword, stuck in the stone. They attempt to find the right moment and attack the village, and after that they will think how they could steal the sword.
This is an excellent chance to take part in this ancient adventure and enjoy your stay in the Druid's village. Do your best to help the Druids and Fedelma keep the sword for the right her.



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