Hagi Waga attack poppy Playtime Game

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Welcome to Hagi Waga Attack! Here you will turn into a bloodthirsty monster who knows no mercy. And the name of this nightmarish beast is Hagi Wagi! Previously, the monster lived in the Poppy Playtime toy factory, where it hid under the guise of a kind hugging toy. But one fine day, the bloodthirsty nature took over and showed its true appearance! Hagi Wagi succumbed to hunger and ate the entire team of factory workers. He did not stop there, and went out of his lair into the world. And now the plush monster began to terrorize the inhabitants of the city.

In the game Attack of Hagi Waga you will find yourself on the side of evil and open the hunt for people At each level Hagi Wagi must capture and destroy a certain number of local inhabitants It will not be easy because people are not ready to accept