Hollywood Crime

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Murders in Hollywood are always complicated and there is always a lot of dust around them because everything related to the celebrities attracts a lot of attention. And not to mention murders. Those cases are followed by numerous rumors and assumptions, that it takes a lot of time to figure out the truth.

Frances and Roy are two detectives that work successfully together for 10 years. They are an excellent team because they understand each other very well. Also both of them are really dedicated to their job and they can't allow missing a single thing when it comes to following traces and collecting evidences. Actually, they are one of those rare teams that don't have an unsolved case in their career and that is really a big thing!

This time Frances and Roy work on a new case together with their colleges. Actually one of the most famous Hollywood producers is found dead in his luxurious weekend house. They are at the place of the crime scene, starting their new investigation. We have to admit that this case will be very difficult for dealing with because it is about a celebrity. In those situations there are usually numerous suspicious persons. The reason could be jealousy, could be someone's depth, it could be a suicide, or an accident case.



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