Jacklyn National Park

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Tim is a person that likes animals very much. He always knew that he likes to work with animals so when he found this job he was so happy. It was like a dream come true for him because this way he will be always surrounded by animals.

If you are wondering what Tim does for living, we will reveal you right now. Tim is a park ranger. He is a real enthusiast that takes care of the Jacklyn National Park. Tim is a regular employee in the park and his everyday job includes protecting and preserving the park. He also feeds the animals and protects the endangered species from the poachers. Since he likes the animals so much, he already feels like home when he is at work. He is dedicated to his profession so much and he does everything with heart.

Tim every day is almost same, but that doesn't mean that it could be boring for Tim. However, there are certain differences and things that are particularly important for that day. Feeding the animals and taking care of them is something that has to be done regularly. However, his mission today is little bit different. He has to find the wild animals' shelters, feed them, and put signs which will prevent poachers from hunting them. If you like to see how does Tim spend his days, play this adventurous game and enjoy spending some time with the amazing animals.



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