Mystical Moments

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What goes around, comes around, that's what people say. But what if somehow the border has been moved and to someone who thought he was doing good, returns with not со good? It seems that this is what happens to Brandon who was an expert for paranormal things, but now he is dead. Some strange things are happening in the home of this late man. It seems like all the ghosts he has beaten in his career, some back to take revenge in his house, which results in many strange moments.
Helen and Jonathan, who are also experts in paranormal things, together with their team come to the house of their late colleague. They like to find out what is happening there and see if they could settle down those ghosts if it is possible.
They are prepared to use their skills for this army of ghosts and see what can be done to put an end to the mystical moments that are happening there? Do you feel prepared to take any action that will help the team of experts for paranormal things finish their job successfully?



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