Stolen Masterpieces

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Marvin is a private detective who has solved many hard cases during his carrier. This time he has been called by a particular client, a very rich collector of works of art. Namely, one month ago there has been a robbery in the house of this man. Six valuable works of art were stolen from the house that was believed to be rather safe place. This is a rather serious crime because those pieces of art are worth a lot, or let's say, they are priceless!

For a period of one month Marvin has been exploring and talking to all kinds of people. His targets were people that re-sell works of art on the illegal market. After a while he found out that the six valuable masterpieces were hidden in one old and almost ruined house. The criminals were waiting some time to pass before they start selling those paintings on the black market for works of art. They believe that that way they won't be that obvious to the police because the police eventually will 'forget' about those stolen masterpieces.

But Marvin won't forget about the stolen masterpieces. He works very hard and invests a lot in order to find the criminals that are responsible for this crime but he is even more concentrated on following the trace of the stolen pieces of art. He has to find the six paintings before they are sell on the black market which means that their traces would be probably erased.



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