Temple of Gods

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Russell is grandson of the big explorer named Howard Carter. Before exactly 50 years, this man, together with his team, was searching around the Andes Mountains. Exploring every reachable place that came on their way, the team discovered the temple of the gods. The temple was hidden deep in the Ands, and they all felt really happy and excited about their discovery but their luck didn't last for long.

After the great discovery, Howard together with the members of his expedition was attacked by unknown bacteria. These bacteria have caused them a lot of pain and suffering from that pain, the whole expedition was forced to leave the place immediately.

After this unpleasant experience, the expedition came back home. They were all concerned about their health but at the same time they were still wondering what is hiding in the temple of gods. Russell was also thinking about that a lot about his grandfather's expedition and he is rather sure that the place is cursed by the gods so no one could explore that sacred place. The curiosity has taken Russell at the place, after exactly 50 years. He really likes to find out what is hiding at the place so now he is at the temple of gods, with his strong will to accomplish his grandfather's mission. Maybe he will be the one that will relieve the great mystery about this temple.



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