The Glittering Garden

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Maybe we don't hear much about those things today, of course, if we are not stuck on Harry Potter for example. And yes, it could seem completely strange someone to use rituals, symbols, actions, gestures, and language with intention to take advantage of supernatural forces. At least in the world where we are living where the technology is on an extremely high level and generally we are living completely urban life. But still, we can't say that those things don't exist..maybe we have to try harder if we like to find them...

Eva is one of the most successful students at the school of magic. And since she studies in a special kind of school, the tasks that she gets are also extraordinary. On the final exam Eva has to get to the Glittering Garden and find the six objects that are hidden well. Her professor, who is a real professional in magic, has hidden those objects so no one could see them on the first sight. Actually these objects are few of the most important objects for making magic. And since Eva's exam is all about magic as well, she could not pass it if she doesn't find the objects.

This girl might be just a step from becoming a real magician but she could always use some help. Perhaps not in her magic but it could definitely be useful if we could help her find the hidden objects. And maybe we will learn something more about magic as well, something we could use in our lives, but we have to warn you - always be careful when it's about magic!



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