Dangerous Lies

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Police received a call that a person has received anonymous threat about a bomb that had been planted in the bus station. They checked the location and it turned out to be a false threat. Once again the same man called the station to report another bomb planting and it turned out false as well.

Most bomb threats are received by phone. Bomb threats are serious until proven otherwise. But, the police need to act quickly. The police officers Charles, Donald and Margaret arrived at the apartment of the person who has been anonymously receiving false threats for planted bombs in public institutions several times.

Agents managed to track the cell phone directly, as a location device and they located where the phone calls comes from, but don't know who is behind this ugly game. This has left more questions than answers about who this person is, how he became a bomb-maker and why he did it. It's a tricky task, but they have to find out the person who spreads dangerous lies and fear among the people.



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