Eight Suspects

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The two detectives Olivia and John arrive at the house of mister Mark. This house, last night was the place where a secret poker match was held. Why this poker match was that secret? First, what comes to our minds is that the people who took part in this match didn't like to pay taxes like when they are playing in some club, or maybe their money has a suspicious origin... But the outcome of this secret poker match appeared to be even more serious.
In the house of mister Mark, there were nine people last night who took part in the poker match. This morning, one of those people was found dead in his apartment. And maybe that won't be that alarming unless there wasn't poison found in his blood.
And since the secret poker match was the last place where he was seen alive, all other eight participants in the competition are suspicious. Still, no evidence could point to a possible motive for murder, but that's why Olivia and John are here, to find out the truth about what happened to the guest of the poker match.



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