Griffins Yard Sale

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While from other side there are people that always remember to organize a yard sale and get rid of all unnecessary stuff, other people build up their homes with numerous useless items, never having enough space for the objects they use. Garage sale or even giving unneeded objects as present is far more practical and helpful than always telling that the house where you live is too small and you don't have space for anything.
Rachel and Gary Griffin always wanted to organize a garage sale but they never decided to do that until now. They didn't have enough time or decisiveness but now all their old and unnecessary stuff is in the yard, waiting for the new owners. They have a lot of old objects that are not used anymore but they are still usable and rather well preserved. They would be a perfect choice for someone that needs them. Since this is a first yard sale for the Griffin's, they have asked their neighbors to help them organize the sale better, so they are waiting for them to come before the yard sale officially starts.
Griffin's neighbors are in their yard now. Everything is in perfect order, so it is time the yard sale to start. In this game you will play as Griffin's neighbor and since this is their first year organizing a yard sale, and they could not arrange everything alone, it would be very nice if you help them a bit.



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