Imprisoned Spirits

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Raymond is an owner of the oldest antique shop in the town. Every day he buys old objects and restores them. He does his best to get to people that have old things. Finds them on the internet, asks friends to relate him with someone and so one, just to find something 'new'. After those objects are restored, he tries to find other people that would like this objects and will appreciate their real value. And the number of people interested in antiques is rather big so Raymond's antique shop is working really well.

Few days ago, one gentleman came into Raymond's antique shop. He offered Raymond a lot of old objects. Raymond has bought them because he thought that they are rather valuable and interesting for the costumers, placing them on the rafts right away. But at the same moment when he places them on the rafts, something strange started happening to his store. It seems like those objects become alive from time to time! This sounds rather strange but Raymond doesn't have any other explanation for what's happening around.

As an only answer for the things that happen around Raymond takes the claim that perhaps there are certain spirits captured in those objects. He thinks that the spirits of the people, who had those objects and now are dead, are captured there. He decided to look for all suspicious objects in his antique shop and get rid of them as soon as possible so he could continue his work all before.



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