Light Through Fog

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Sylvia is a girl that lives in one small city near the sea. In this place is located one of the most important lighthouses. The lighthouse is rather big and positioned on a strategic place but this place is known for something else for the local people. Namely, everyone that lives in this small seaside city knows that the lighthouse is haunted by the spirits of the married couple Nelson.

20 years ago, the Nelson's have crushed in the rocks while they were sailing with a boat. The reason for that crush was actually the particular lighthouse. The lighthouse was not working at that time. Somehow it was left broken for a certain period of time and the result of that defect were the lives of those innocent people. From that moment, the spirits of the married couple are captured in the lighthouse. They have stayed there to signal the other boats that there are dangerous rocks around that place. Their mission is rather noble but even after 20 years, their spirits still can't settle down.

Sylvia is one of the rare people that decides to enter into the lighthouse after so many years. She likes to do everything in order to help the Nelson's calm down and leave the place once for all. Once they leave the lighthouse, she will take over this job because that is her actual dedication and she will perform this job perfectly. Let's help Sylvia with those spirits because she would definitely need our help.



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