Frozen Manor

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Do you live in places where it is warm most of the year or maybe where it is more often cold and covered with snow? Both options have their pros and cons, and they don\'t pose a problem for those who are already affected by them. Habit makes our life easier until deviations from some habits appear. Gloria\'s grandfather lives in the countryside. Usually, it\'s colder there than in the city, but this year the winter is too cold and makes everyday life difficult. Grandpa finds various ways to deal with the weather, but now he needs help to deal with these unexpected weather conditions. Gloria, Peter, and Grace arrive at Gloria\'s grandfather\'s village. This year the winter is too cold, so the whole property of Gloria\'s grandfather looks like a frozen property from a fairy tale. The picture is beautiful, and the three children, including the grandfather, enjoy it, but in practice, things are not so fairy-tale-like. Gloria, Peter, and Grace are here to help Gloria\'s grandfather in these difficult winter conditions with the daily tasks that are going on the difficulty at the moment.



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