Lost Coins

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Candice's father was a collector of rare coins. It was his passion, something that he was doing with a lot of love and enthusiasm. Now those coins are at Candice's apartment and she takes good care of them. However, a few weeks ago, Candice was renovating her apartment and somehow the golden coins got lost.
Maybe she took them to a different place, maybe the people who worked in her apartment put them in some other place...it is hard to tell, but the fact is that they are lost. Candice feels very bad about it and she likes to find the coins. That's why she calls her friends - Maggie and Summer, to help her in the search for the lost coins from her father's collection.
They will have to search through the whole place, maybe move some furniture, open all the drawers and doors in the house... But it is worth trying because those coins have a big value - sentimental and material. We can also give it a try and help Candice in her search. She will be very happy and thankful if we can find the lost coins, so let's start right away.



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