Master of Souls

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Be prepared for one unusual and scary story that will reveal you one great secret about the dolls in the shop windows... You see them often, they look very nice, all tied up and beautiful, attracting the small children to desire them... but they hide something that is really hard to imagine, or to believe in. But let's start from the beginning.

Alice is a girl that lives near a shop for old dolls and toys. She is incredibly amazed by those dolls because they have a specific charm, something that new dolls don't have. Every night this girl dreams about those dolls. They invite her to play with them late in the night when there is no one in the shop. Alice knows a secret entrance into the doll shop and almost every night she spends certain period of time playing with the dolls. Everything is somehow normal until the moment when Alice finds out that the dolls actually revive at night. As a matter of fact there is an invisible master of souls that lies the small children like Alice to play with the dolls and takes their soul, turning them into dolls as well! This might sound very strange but Alice has found out that now, so she likes to help the dolls escape from the master of souls.

Alice has a very hard job in front of her, and because she is a small girl we could not know how could she deal with the situation so let's help her save the dolls and the lost souls of the girls.



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