Mystic Lake

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Have you ever heard about a cursed lake? Maybe you haven't but there are plenty of them actually. Aside from the legend about the famous Lock Ness, there are numerous stories all around the world about lakes with a huge number of accidents and drownings. This number is even bigger than the number expected by the common logic and that's why people relate them with certain paranormal activities or ghost stories. Some of those lakes were supposedly built on a place where many years ago was an actual cemetery.

Others hid bodies of some murdered people or people that drawn in the lake but they didn't complete their missions in life so their ghosts take revenge into drowning other people and so on. Nothing of this could be proven and people make new and new stories, wiling to find an explanation of everything.

Father Oliver, together with the grandmother Susan and her granddaughter Gloria, go to the mystic lake, positioned near their place of living. They have heard so many stories about this lake and all of them describe it as a lake haunted by ghosts. The two women live here but they are little bit scared from everything that has happen so they like to reveal the truth once for all and break this curse from the lake. Susan and her granddaughter Gloria have to find the cursed objects and give them to father Oliver. Father Oliver will take those objects to the church where he will erase the curse from them.



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