Secret Country

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The two knights, Betty and Benjamin, together with their brave fighters and friends, come to the Secret land. The truth is that no one knows that this land actually exists, but our friends have managed somehow to get information about it. Their curiosity has taken them on a trip, and they really found the land. But finding the land is not the final goal. The knights and their friends are wondering why this land is so hidden. Which is the reason why this land is kept in the utmost secrecy? Does this land hide something valuable and beautiful, or maybe it is a shelter for bad people who don\'t like to be found? Since they have confirmed that the Secret land really exists, Betty and Benjamin will not give up but will continue to explore this land, until they find out what it really hides. We know that you are also curious to find out what is hidden in the secret land, so let\'s start exploring with the brave knights and their friends. We will find out something that was kept a secret for a long time, but also we will watch our friends\' backs.



Hidden Objects